I just came across Indigo Magazine through Myrtle & Eunice. It's nice to know that there are peeps out there trying to create positive media for the young'ns. It concerns me deeply that our society encourages kids to grow up way too quickly, and instills in them a warped sense of self based on unrealistic images portrayed by the mainstream media. Yay! for positive reinforcement.


  1. I definitely agree, it is alarming to see some of the messages young people are getting from the mainstream media. I remember hearing about Indigo a while back, and being glad there was going to be another alternative mag out there. Thing is, it's so hard so smaller mags to stay financially viable. I volunteer for lip magazine, an alternative mag for young women, and it can be really hard competing against the glossies. It's definitely worth it though.

  2. It seems that the financially viable thing is proving a bit of an issue - at least for the printed version of Indigo. Now I'm trying to hussle more nieces for gift subscriptions...