Panic Stations

Hmmm slight freak out was had on Sunday over the lack of progress on said t-shirts. All elements of the task at hand were beginning to overwhelm me. Saturday had been a write-off due to a lunchtime commitment. Then an afternoon spent driving from one side of town to the other in search of elusive (who would have thought!) natural card for swing tags. Anyway, by the time Sunday came around I was feeling extremely behind the 8 ball and hence the 'FREAK OUT'. My lovely man managed to calm me down with some soothing words of wisdom though, so from that point I managed to get back on track and make some (not as much as I had hoped) progress in my current crafty endeavour. But, I do still have heaps to do and the big market date is looming next weekend. Hopefully I can pull it all together in time.
P.S. My FABULOUS Gocco arrived on Saturday!!! So, exciting. But have not managed to make time to try it out as yet. sigh...


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