Home Sweet Home

Well, the last week has been very eventful for me... I traveled to China on business last Sunday night with my boss. We went to Guangzhou in Southern China to attend the Canton Fair. The week was quite educational for me since I have been to China only once previously and that was with another employer, so it was interesting to be able to meet some of our current suppliers and observe how business is conducted. However a day or so before we were due to leave we heard that a typhoon was on its way, and was set to hit both Hong Kong and southern China at the time we were due to fly out! We left our hotel in Guangzhou at noon Saturday headed for the airport, and I arrived back in Melbourne at 8.30pm Monday night! We spent one night sleeping in Guangzhou airport (due to our flight not being able to take off in the bad weather) and then I spent another night stuck in Hong Kong (due to the backlog of canceled flights). Luckily I managed to get a room at the airport hotel in Hong Kong - I think I would have lost the plot entirely if I had to spend another night sleeping on plastic seats at the airport.
Anyway, I have made it home now (though my luggage has not as yet - its stuck in transit somewhere) and my time in China is but a distant memory.
P.S. the guys on the streets of Guangzhou selling tiger and dog skins were freaking me out big time! Gross!


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