Rockin' Out

It is getting increasingly difficult to drag our sorry selves off to late night gigs on 'school nights' - both the hubby and I have nanna syndrome which is a terrible terrible affliction. But every now and then we make an effort to reconnect with society and on Thursday night we went to The Black Keys Melbourne concert at the Palace.
We arrived at the Palace around 9pm as the first support band was finishing up. The 2nd support started at around 9.30pm. You know that nanna syndrome has got a firm hold on you when you find yourself with hands covering ears as some 'young people' thrash around the stage with pants falling down making one hell of a terrible noise. Sigh... but we pushed on with a strong suspicion that the main show was going to be well worth the late night and prior noise pollution. We were not disappointed! The Black Keys were superb to say the least. The atmosphere was charged, the crowd pumping and the entertainment immense. Thank you to The Black Keys for rockin' out on a school night.


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