So many lovely things

I have finally finished reading Mixtape Zine issue 5. I love to read this zine from cover to cover soaking in the wisdom of the many crafty and inspiring people who contribute. And now I am sitting here looking up all the blogs and websites contained in issue 5. It is so comforting to know that everyone else struggles to juggle day to day duties and find the time to indulge in the things they love - be it time with family, time to cook, to garden, to craft or to blog. Even though I only read Mixtape I feel as though I am a small part of a larger supportive community. And tonight I have bookmarked blog upon blog in the hope that I will find time to return and read more about these lovely peeps.


  1. oh yes, time is of the essence isn't it. I have to get better at not feeling guilty if I choose to write/read/mosey about instead of clean the toilet. In saying that, the bathroom isn't looking to clean and I haven't read my book for a few days now. Oh the dilemma! Hope you get through all those blogs

  2. I haven't checked out mixtape but must, I feel the same way when I read Frankie, almost like I'm young again!

    Your post on mine about hope, I so agree. Whenever I worry about getting older it's not the process of ageing that I am concerned with, although obviously I'd like to still look good as the years pass, but it's the achievements. There are so many interests and things to do, I worry that there will never be enough time.

  3. I just discovered Mixtape recently too. I absolutely love it.