It isn't easy being green

8.30pm last night, Saturday March 28th 2009 was Earth Hour. What did you do? Hubby and I played Uno by candle light for the hour. It was kinda fun, a bit difficult trying to distinguish between blue and green cards in semi light, but fun all the same.
The theme of Etsy Bloggers blog carnival for this fortnight is Green... and funnily enough the small amount of stock I have in my Etsy store at the moment is green! Green in colour, unfortunately not really green in the ethical environmental sense. You can check out my 'green' stock here.


  1. good for you! It's hard for my jewelry to be really green, except in color too! I just try to mail things in recycled containers.... when someone wants something!

  2. I celebrated w/ friends (and a beer) in the dark!