Previously known as...

Many, many moons ago a friend gave me a vintage table cloth and asked me to transform it into a skirt. Said friend did not realise that by telling me that I could 'just do it whenever I could fit it in' she would not get her skirt for approx 2 years. Yes, I kid you not, it has taken me an AGE to complete this project. And yes, I am a bad friend.
I was very apprehensive about cutting into the beautiful fabric, especially considering I needed to match up the pattern on front and back over 4 gores. And to be honest it has been a nightmare to cut & sew because the weave of the cloth is quite loose. I am very scared to hand it over Ali now... what if it doesn't fit? Or worse still, she hates it and regrets letting me cut into the original table cloth?! Eek!

Update Jan 30 2010: Ali loves the skirt, but its a bit small! Damn! So annoyed with myself.


  1. ebs this is gorgeous - well done you!