Rocking out on a school night

Hubby and I ventured out on a 'school night' to see The National at the Palais last night. We were somewhat low key about going to this gig as it was on a week night (yes, we are a couple of nannas I know!!) and we are relatively new fans of The National. Their latest album High Violet is amazing, but their earlier work had not really taken our liking as much. But I have to tell you, we were totally blown away by the gig. It was truly amazing. From the meet and greet mid song by singer Matt Berninger (he climbed into the crowd and over seats with a very very long microphone cord reaching out almost to our seats in row R) early on in the set, to the all in sing song acoustic rendition of Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks at the end of the encore, we enjoyed every moment (although I have since realized that my version of the lyrics to the a fore mentioned song were not exactly accurate - perhaps that's why the young man next to us kept giving me strange looks!). And The Middle East as support were really great too. All in all it was a super night out with my man.


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