A spot of baking

Mini Chocolate Croissants

Double Choc Almond Cookies

Not much sewing has been happening around this neck of the woods. I think might have 'stitchers block'. Ohh dear. Plus my machines have just gone in for servicing. Hmm things are looking a little grim. So to divert myself from the angst involved with said 'stitchers block' I have been baking again today. I made some delicious Mini Choc Croissants from a recipe I came across on Melbourne Epicure (my fave go-to baking blog), and I also baked a big batch of Double Choc Almond Cookies which were a variation on a recipe found in this book... mmmm yummo.


  1. yay!! I made some too after you told me about them.

    I think there's only a couple left.

    I hope your stitchers block goes away, I get bakers block alot too, depends on my mood.

    hope you have a lovely Sunday evening, I am actually going to use the sewing machine & make my little guy a library bag.

  2. Thanks Cathie! Good luck with the stitching

  3. These look just delicious ... if only I hadn't just started my healthy eating plan ... maybe I could break it just for one day ... these just look too good to miss out on!