Blog Carnival January

So, this months EtsyBloggers carnival asks me to write about what I plan to do this Valentine's Day... I don't want to be a total grumpy bum, but to tell you the truth I am not really into celebrating Valentine's Day. Hubby and I have made a pact to basically ignore the commercialism of the day. We don't need to be reminded to tell the other that they are loved. And this year I will actually be going to see Billy Elliot the Musical with my mum and sister so I will be tucked away in a theatre hiding from the onslaught of roses and choclates.

But if you love to celebrate Valentine's Day and want to send your Valentine a little note of love here are some fun cards featured on Etsy at the moment. Click on the images for details.


  1. Spending time with Mom and your sister is a great way to share the love on V day .......Enjoy!