Craft Activism

A bit of global craft activism has been oragnised today with a 'Blog In' against the USA CPSIA legislation. Basically CPSIA legislation is aimed at improving testing and quality standards for children's products in the USA, which in theory should be a good thing. And here in Australia we do have a series of similar standards which aim to make children's products safe. But from what I have read it seems that the changes scheduled to be implemented in Feb this year in the USA have the potential to harm businesses who produce 'handmade' by implementing compulsory testing on all children's products. This testing could be extremly expensive and labourious, thus rendering it impossible for small business to comply. Obviously this is causing a lot of worry for crafters, as the legislation could basically shut down the production of handmade children's products in the USA.

If you are intersted in reading more about CPSIA you can click here, here & here.

Image shown is sourced from wowtheminc.


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