One bored little monster

For those of you who do not know, we own two Schnauzers. Henry is 5 years old (and generally well behave) and Flossy is 5 months old (and still learning to be well behaved). Little Flossy has developed a love of demolishing sponges and cushions. We are constantly finding the remnants of sponges strewn all over our back decking. Goodness knows where she keeps finding them. I think hubby must have had a stash in the shed from the good old days when you could still wash your car at home (Victorian water restrictions), and Floss seems to be able to sniff them out at 100 paces. So quite often we return home to find bits of sponge all over the back yard. Anyway, recently I procured some old dining chairs from the hard rubbish to refurbish and give to my sister (who is just setting up house). I had left these chairs out on the decking awaiting a good clean up. But it seems that our little munchkin was somewhat bored while we were out at work yesterday. These photos show the mess that awaited us upon returning home.
Ohh well, I was planning to replace the cushions anyway. At least it looks as though she had fun!


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