Ohh my goodness!

A multitude of gifts all individually wrapped

So many treats!

Including not one, but two pin cushions

The Pièce de résistance - A patchwork apple pin cushion. So cute

A little while ago I took part in a pin cushion swap which was hosted by Fox's Lane. I had heaps of fun making my little cushion for my swap buddy and posting it off. And over the last few weeks I have been patiently waiting by the post box to receive my own pin cushion in return. But alas, no pin cushion arrived and I was beginning to think I had been forgotten. The swap was anonymous so until your goodies arrived in the post you were not aware who had you as a swap buddy, and therefore I had no way of knowing if my pin cushion was on its way. I calmly assured myself that my pin cushion must have been sent from lands far away and was presently making its journey to my door. It was only last Friday that the terrible truth became known when Cassie's Cuddles left a comment on my blog asking if I had received my pin cushion as she had not seen a post on my blog in relation to it. It turns out that Cassie had sent me a parcel weeks ago and somehow it has been lost in the post - and it was only coming from a few suburbs away! Gotta love Australia Post.
Anyway, to cut a long story short Cassie turned up on my doorstep this evening with a massive parcel of loveliness for me including a remake of her gorgeous apple pin cushion. She is so kind! I can't believe she went to all the trouble of remaking, repacking and hand delivering. What a lovely lady!
Thank you Cassie! I'm sorry I didn't invite you in for a cuppa - I think I was in shock!
P.S. I love my pin cushion(s).