The swapping of aprons

My apron swap buddy received her parcel in the post last week, so I can share some photos of the apron I made for her. It is intended to hold your pegs making it easier to complete the onerous task of hanging out the washing, and allowing one to make a very chic fashion statement in the process. Crafty Mermaid's apron was made using vintage pillow cases for the main skirt and tone-on-tone printed poplin for the contrast. I also made one of the same design for my mum for mothers day. I had lots of fun making them and I am now toying with the idea of making some more to put in my store at some stage. Thanks to Red Gingham for organizing the swap.


  1. Oh definitely put them in the store. I'll happily vouch for how well made they are. I'm truly thrilled with it and love the extra detailing like the matching buttons on the pockets and the fact that you lined it! Stunning and thanks again As soon as we get a few bright hours I'll be photographing it and putting it up!