Its been a while

Entrance to Chinatown SF

Glass roof Neiman Marcus Union Square SF

Bougainvillea on Crookedest St SF

Crookedest St SF

Pier 39 with an outlook of Alcatraz SF

The painted Ladies at Alamo Square SF

Old fashioned drug store Market St SF

Golden Gate Bridge covered by cloud SF

Hanging out the side of a Cable Car SF

Inside cable car SF

Hello! Things have been a little quite at Off the Peg for the last few weeks, that's because I have been on holiday! Yepo lucky me hey?! My hubby has been doing some training over in the USA this year, and to make the most of an opportunity which may not arise again I decided to meet him at the end of his last trip. And to make it a family affair my mum decided to come along too.
Mum and I headed off together and did a spot of sightseeing in San Francisco and Chicago. Then we flew to Washington DC where we met up with my hubby and then all three of us checked out NYC! All in all it was a good trip. We saw heaps, but feel as though we only touched the tip of the iceberg - there is just so much to see.
Above are some photos of our adventure in San Francisco - I will post pics of the other cities this week. Highlights of San Francisco were Britex Fabrics (amazing! Definite must see if you are a crafty type), riding the cable car (you have to hung off the side to fully experience this!), trekking up and down the steep streets and eating crab legs whilst wearing plastic bib/apron (who would have thought a plastic bib could be so chic!).


  1. It sounds like you had a ball! Those Bougainvillea are such an amazing colour.

  2. Oh. I miss SFO. I used live there and around for 10 years, but now in Melbourne with hubby's job. Can't wait to go back home..
    I love all your little clothes.