New York City

'Big Bambu' on the MET rooftop

Another perspective of 'Big Bambu'

Looking back over my photos of New York City its no wonder that we all felt a little overwhelmed when we returned home and our family and friends asked 'how was the trip?'... we saw and did so much that I think we were suffering from major sensory overload. Its been strange to kinda reassess the trip a couple of weeks after the fact. I think there was just so much detail to take in that we all needed a bit of time to collect our thoughts and process the info we had absorbed.
I can see now that it isn't the 'city' of New York which enamors people to the place, its the details and idiosyncrasies of New York which give it its character. There are so many layers to the city. Even if I had spent a month there I would only have experienced the tip of things - and we were only there for 4 days!
So, now that I have processed things I can say highlights of NYC for me were strolling around Central Park, a trip to the MET (which was too brief, I could have spent a lot longer there), 'discovering' shops and cafes where the locals hang out (the area of Greenwich Village was a highlight) and being genuinely surprised by the kindness and helpfulness of New Yorkers (I was expecting a big city attitude where no one would have the time to stop and help a tourist, but I was pleasantly surprised).
So, there you have it! That is the final installment of my USA trip notes. :)


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